2017 Exclusive PS4 Games: Some of the Potential Titles

It is so easy to be tempted by the 2017 exclusive PS4 games that are made ready for the console. After all, who has ever doubted Sony and their exclusive PS gadget? If you are a true gamer, you know that such console is so powerful and so influential. And since we are now in the year of 2017, it is easy to spot why gamers are giddy with anticipation of the so claimed the best games exclusive for the console – well, at least I am giddy with such expectation. Don’t you too?


2017 Exclusive PS4 Games: Pyre

It is pretty easy to see why this game is included within the 2017 exclusive PS4 games list. The graphics are pleasing to the eyes. The plot is pretty clear: you will be responsible for a team of exiles and you will compete against other teams with a strategy and smart plan while traveling across the mystical world. There is an emotional value to the story, besides the good graphic, the superb control, and also the fun combat. If all the reviews are all positive, you will definitely have fun playing the game – it is guaranteed.


2017 Exclusive PS4 Games: World of Warriors

Set to be released in 2017 with unknown exact date, this game has excited a lot of gamers. Some say that the game is pretty cartoonish and somewhat adorable. Some say that it is pretty serious despite the cute graphic. You have the control over your warriors who come from different parts of the world and historical background. This multiplayer game allows you to enhance and upgrade your warriors – which is a smart move because RPG lovers are totally into such kind of things. Not only you can create your own personal and unique warrior, you can also tag along your friends to have fun together. Once you play the game, you will see why it has managed its way to the 2017 exclusive PS4 games list.


2017 Exclusive PS4 Games: Nex Machina

There is a deep moral story that you can get from playing Nex Machina which is the same moral story from the movie Terminator (familiar, anyone? Really, you have never heard of it before?) The idea is that the rising of robots is possible and even inevitable and it is about time when the war between human versus robots will take place. But moral story aside, you will see some of the artistic and beautiful aspects of the game such as the colors, the 3D details, the lighting, and so many more. It is no wonder if this game has made it to the 2017 exclusive PS4 games list.


Using Township Cheat to Get Coins and Cash for Free

At the end of 2016, Township is a popular smartphone game. This popularity continues up to the 2017. The game is not only available in smartphone devices, but also Facebook platform. In smartphone, this simulation game can be played on Android or iOS. As the popularity grows, the game cheat follows its popularity. In the internet, you will be able to find Township cheat easily. The players use this Township hack tool mostly because it allows them to proceed to the next level easier. Since the game comes in web-based version and smartphone version, the cheat tool for this simulation game also comes in two different versions.

The Township cheat for smartphone version is called as application. The application for this game is considered as third party tool. In order to make the application usable for any user, it usually includes the instructions on how to use it. Most importantly, the application is compatible for both Android and iOS operating system. Meanwhile, the web-based version is compatible for any browser. When accessing the game through Facebook, people have tendency to use particular type of browser. Therefore, the web-based version of this cheat tool is engineered to be compatible to the browser.

What is actually the benefit of using Township cheat? The main benefit is to generate coins and cash. Both of them can be generated up to unlimited number. If you already playing this game, you will find out that coins and cash are valuable currencies of the game. Most aspects on the game require them. The game progress without using sufficient amount of coins or cash is slow. By taking advantage of the privilege that can be obtained by using coins or cash, players can advance through the game without any problem. It is not the only reason why players tend to use the cheat tool.

The other reason why players like this cheat is due to its free feature. The game itself already implemented their own way so that players can obtain coins and cash. However, it requires them to do online purchases. The currencies of the game can be purchased using real money. In other hand, Township cheat does not involves any payments in any form. It allows user to get coins and cash without having to pay. Players definitely prefer using the free feature instead of the conventional method that requires payment. Most players do not consider paying for game currencies is worth their hard-to-earn money on the first place.

Get to Know about Roblox Cheat

If you find that Roblox game is interesting, you might want to try using Roblox cheat. There are a lot of cheat codes for the game because for some people it will be more fun to use some tricks while playing the game. The main reason why the members of this game tend to use cheats is because the Robux is quite pricey. Robux is the currency for the game money. In addition, you need it to build your own stuff which will make the gameplay become more interesting.

However, the members also use the cheats for any other purposes as well. To earn free Robux, you can use cheat code or generator for Robux. You will need to download and install the generator to be able to obtain free Robux. The generator which is classified as one of the most popular methods of Roblox hack can give the unlimited amount of Robux. Meanwhile, the code of Roblox cheat for free Robux is “brickmaster5643”. Unlike the Rubox generator, you will only get 400 Robux when using that code. Obtaining Robux as many as possible will surely affect your popularity in the game.

For information, another favourite cheat code is the one that will make it possible for you to log into the game and enter Builders Club even though your account is not the premium one. This hack feature can be activated by entering 94063 as the code. Another kind of Roblox cheat is the code to freeze the game and all you have to do is just pressing ctrl and f1 at the same time.

Besides increasing the amount of Robux into your account, the cheat codes are mostly including the fun and entertaining features that are not contained in the basic gameplay. You can even command your avatar to do the moonwalk by holding S letter and Up arrow together. If you are getting tired of playing all the time but your level has not been escalating yet, there is also the trick to handle that problem. Type “/” or “-” and enter the amount of experience and level that you want to add.

There are so many kinds of codes to hack the game. This game provides the opportunity for members to explore and do a lot of stuffs. That is why the rating of this game keeps growing as well as the figure of Roblox cheat.

AirSelfie: Capture Videos and Photos Remotely

AirSelfie is the new pocket-size drone that will help you capture aerial videos and photos remotely rather than using a selfie stick or extending your arm in order to snap shots of you and your family and friends.



AirSelfie is designed by Eduardo Stroppiana the Italian entrepreneur who made this amazing technology back in 2014. This pocket-size drone is produced and designed specifically for those of you who think that drone cameras are very complicated to apply or too bulky and expensive. This drone camera comes with 5-megapixel camera which can shoot full high-definition 1080p video and also 4GB microSD card. By using AirSelfie, a lot of companies, groups, and people can take photos or videos of themselves, their projects and their backgrounds from distances, angles and heights which cannot use their arms or a stick.

The four rotors of the drone will help this drone flies up to 65-feet in the air. The measurement of the flying camera is only about 0.42 inches by 2.65 inches by 3.72 inches. Stroppiana said that this drone is smaller than a smart phone. The weight of this AirSelfie is about 1.83 ounces. Sonar has been used in order to measure the altitude of this drone and will make it stable by using the tiny extra camera in order monitor the surroundings for jitter signs. This drone is also featured barometers, gyroscopes and geomagnetic sensors which help it monitor as when this thing flies.

The AirSelfie is maintained through the free Android or iOS application. The drone can take off because this application. And also the direction and the height can also be adjusted. An HD aerial shot or video can be taken by users by pushing a button. a 10-second timer can also be activated by users in order to give many people a lot of time to hide their phones so that they do not show in the video or picture. Eight consecutive shots can be taken up by this drone.

Wi-Fi will be used by AirSelfie in order to send videos and photos wirelessly to the smart phones. Users can also be allowed by the application to post videos and photos that have been taken with drone on social media immediately. After the photos have been snapped, the drone can back to the point of departure automatically by pushing a button. You can also guide back the AirSelfie manually it safe to land to your open hand.

SimCity BuildIt Hack, Useful Tool to Help Your Progress

SimCity BuildIt is a smartphone version from the SimCity franchise. You can find tool called as SimCity BuildIt Hack to help you advancing your gameplay progress. From those of you who are not familiar with any franchise of SimCity, this mobile game is a simulation game. It is available on Android or iOS operating system. You can download it for free from Google Play Store or App Stores. The game includes in-app purchases. The online purchases of this game require you to pay with real money. However, you can take advantage of the tool to generate resource without any spending your money.

You might wonder why you need to use SimCity BuildIt Hack to help you developing your city. As you might already notice, the game uses similar gameplay with the PC version. You need to create a big city by developing houses, building, infrastructures, services, and even industrial area. In order to create them, you have to gather the resource needed for it. In-game features can manufacture several important resources. The gameplay also use several currencies such as Simoleons, Golden Keys, and Simcash. Those currencies are used to speed up the process or purchasing the resources. Since collecting both resources and currencies of the game is hard, the SimCity BuildIt Hack will come in handy.

What the SimCity BuildIt Hack can do? The main feature offered by this tool is generating the currencies of the game. Some of the currencies are obtained easily. However, it takes time to gather enough currencies to help your progress. Therefore, there is a part where grindy gameplay needs to be performed. You cannot skip the progress of collecting game resources. The best way to skip the grindy parts of the game is by using the tool. It is highly recommended if you do not waste your time on grinding for resources and currencies.

The best part about this tool is you do not have to install it on your gadget. You can simply go to the website and follow the instruction. It means that you will not spend space of your gadget just to install the tool. On the tool website, you will be directed to particular page where you can generate game currencies. In order to make sure that you are not bot, you will get to the confirmation page. You do not have to be worried abo0ut the safety of SimCity BuildIt Hack since the tool is encrypted. Therefore, only you can access the feature.

What Most People Wanted on Android Games in 2016


2016 is almost over and for some android gamers, they blessed with striking games that make their lives content. Many developers launched their products and most of them have pretty good performances, whether it is free or paid android.However, there are just some games that are considered as the what most people wanted on android games in 2016 and here are three of those games:

  1. Pokemon Go

This game causes a roar in the world of mobile games as soon as it launches for smartphone users. Affiliated with Pokemon, one of the famous anime from Japan, the game is about catching your own Pokemon in the real world. The smartphone users are encouraged to explore the landmarks around them to get the pokemon. The smartphone users also have an opportunity to be the trainer of the pokemon that they have caught before. For Pokemon fans, the game is apparently a dream come true because they can get the same experience with the characters in the Pokemon. To catch, to train, and to fight with another trainer all around the world is the things that they can do while playing the game. During 2016, it is obvious that the Pokemon Go is one of the what most people wanted on android games.Pokemon Go is free to download with some paid applicable features.

  1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This game is a legend! It is first established in the game world by the launching of Grand Theft Auto in 1997. Created by David Jones and Mike Dailly, the game initiates the series of Grand Theft Auto and it soon become the hit around the gamers. The game which is included as an action-adventure game, invite the player to accomplish certain missions and get the rewards (it can be money or respect). Albeit the content of the game is full of violence and criminal issues, the gamers still favor the game.This year, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas still hold a special attention among gamers, especially mobile gamers. As same as the playstation version, the game is about Carl Johnson, a young man who tries to save his family and gain some respect from the streets, despite he has some dirt on his name. Rockstar Games as the developer and the publisher of the game has maintained the performance of the mobile version, so that the mobile gamer can play without having any glitch. Well, in short, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the what most people wanted on android games for its fans.

  1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Along with Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft is one of the popular games. It is one of the sandbox video games which designed by Markus “Notch” Persson; and later published and developed by Mojang. The players are free to select the character that they want and the game allows the player to play whatever they want in the game but, they will get certain achievement if they can do certain things in the game. The certain achievement can result the players to get some experience points and the experience points can be used to upgrade some belongings of the players. Mojang has developed the game which invented for PC games to mobile games. Now, Minecraft has been known as popular and the what most people wanted on android games among the players.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack 2016 and the Benefits of the Hack


If you want to enjoy your gaming activity to the highest level, why not using the Pixel Gun 3D hack 2016? You are probably wondering what so special about the hack for the 2016. How it will be different from the one offered for the 2015? How much improvement can you expect from the tool? What should you expect from the cheating tool? You may have all of those questions in your mind. Be patient; it is time to answer them one by one.


Pixel Gun 3D Hack 2016: Improvements from Year to Year

Just like other applications or programs, you should expect an increase in the feature and usability. The more popular the program is, the better updates they should have. This kind of logical thinking is applicable in all platforms of computers and technology. So, when you hear about Pixel Gun 3D hack 2016, it is pretty normal if you expect it to be different (in terms of better features and implementations) from the previous 2015 model. With Pixel Gun is getting more and more popularity, it is only logical to expect an improved easiness and usability of the cheating tool.


Benefits of the Hack

So, why should you have the hacking system, anyway? Here are some of the basic benefits of having the cheating tool in your possession:

  • You can enjoy the game even more. No more delays or replay gaming time. You know, replaying the game for once or twice is okay but when you have to do it again and again for more than 5 times, you will be seriously bored.
  • You can play the game with confidence. Players who have access to unlimited resources aren’t afraid to take chances or risks. When you know that you have the unlimited resources, that confidence will make you stronger.
  • You can always get the cheating tool easily. Whether you are working on Pixel Gun 3D hack online or the offline type, it works only for your best interest.
  • You can progress faster. When you want to achieve faster success in the gaming platform, having enough resources will definitely help.


Finding the Tool

There are a lot of sources for getting the cheating tool but be extra careful as not all of them are trustworthy. If you don’t want to download malware or virus or even expose yourself to spyware, be wise and don’t make a rush decision. Choose only the reliable source and don’t let greed blind you. if you do it correctly, the Pixel Gun 3D hack 2016 will work just the best for you.


UnderlordDota 2 has Come as Dota 2 New Hero


Underlord DOTA 2 that what we are waiting for so far in DOTA 2 has come on the latest Dark Rift updates. DOTA 2 may be one of the longest game which exists until now in gamer’s world. For your information, this game has massive fans and players and become one of the most favorite games these days. However, we still see that the game is based on its previous version, DOTA 1. The unique part of this game is when we realize that DOTA 1 is just the mod engine of Warcraft 3. Meanwhile, the standalone DOTA 2 is now very popular. This game is really from a scratch and becoming the most popular game nowadays.

DOTA 1 Adaptation

We have known that Underlord DOTA 2 is adapted from a hero of DOTA 1, Pitlord. In other words, almost all new heroes who have just been coming up on DOTA 2 are adapted from the first series. Of course, Valve gives different forms and names for those heroes in order to avoid the copyright of DOTA 1 heroes. That is why this hero is called as Underlord instead of Pitlord. For your information, this hero was introduced in the biggest event of DOTA 2 players, The International, in the early of this month. Now, this hero comes following the Dark Rift updates today.

Who Is Underlord?

Let us see why this Underlord DOTA 2 is very special for all DOTA players in the world. The first point comes from the offered-skill which will give more spaces for the players in creating new strategy. Of course, we talk about competitive scene here beside of the public matches. Moreover, this hero is the last hero who is adapted from the previous version of DOTA. It means that the gate is not closed. We will see fresher hero that does not appear in DOTA 1 anymore after this Underlord. It makes this game more competitive with other MOBA games so far.

Dark Rift Update

This last hero from DOTA 1 was just released with an update called “Dark Rift”. This update includes 400 MB of free space and some details for match statistics. In addition, now the players can see the statistics of a match in very detail. Of course, you can read it on the post-match. This mode also provides the item progress of the players and their team. Based on the TI6 post-event, Valve was not only presenting Underlord DOTA 2, but also Sun Wukong or the Monkey King as the next hero.


Pokemon Go Hack Directly To Get Them All

Get All Pokemon

This article will give you a couple of Pokemon Go hack directly that you can follow in order to dominate the most successful game in the world today. The entire world has been crazy about the game called Pokemon Go. A lot of people go to the street in order to win this hottest game in the world today. It is not easy to master this game, but if you know the detail of the game, you do not have to leave your home in order to catch eggs, coins and a couple of poke balls.

Pokemon Go Hack Directly Tips

Yelp should be used in order to Find PokeStop

Yelp which has been updated will make you easy in order to find PokeStops near you. In order to access the finder of the PokeStop on the application of Yelp iOS, you just have to swipe via a couple of filters which are located at the top and then click PokeStop Nearby.

Your iPhone should be strapped to Hatch Eggs

For those of you who do not want to go to the street and walk for 5-kilos in order to hatch a new pokemon egg, you just have to tape your iPhone and you will get your egg in just a couple of minutes.

AR should be turned off

Pokemon Go is the application that will make reality which has been augmented is very important, but it is much easier in order to catch Pokemon if it has been turned off. Poke balls should still be tossed at critters, but rather than having to point your camera around in order to find them, you can find them in green field which has been animated.

Poke Balls should be retrieved

It is no sense in order to not to have a couple of poke balls in your backpack as misses can be retrieved by tapping on the Poke Ball that has been failed in order to get the monster.

Boom Beach Triche Pros and Cons: Let the Truth Leaked

boom beach triche


Boom Beach triche pros and cons are the hottest discussion that most the players would like to talk about. This kind of discussion is quite interesting to keep an eye on. Why does the writer say so? It is because most of the players want to have a try of this Boom Beach triche but they are too afraid of losing their game accounts because theirs might get banned. Probably they would have a kind of thinking that trying once in a lifetime will heal their curiosity and also anxiety about the better and the more comfortable way of playing this online game.


Find the Boom Beach Triche Pros and Cons

Boom Beach triche pros and cons will always have their own good and bad things. Whenever you have the good things, you will be able to put aside the bad ones. It happens vice versa. In fact, for some people who will decide usually relies on the one that gives better facilities and which provides worse impacts they would get rid of it. Here we are going to share some pros and also cons related to the Boom Beach triche for your own safety.

The good points about this triche are its simplicity, its abundant benefits, its unlimited access of gold, coins, and diamonds, and many more. Whenever the people would like to install this triche right on their device, they do not have to think about everything. It is very simple to use and also easy to follow. Unless you know what to do, there would be some simple steps to follow so that this application can be applied and connected into your game account. There would be no precise reason why this triche cannot be simply understood.

Boom Beach triche pros and cons also has its bad things. The bad things are about the safety and about the virus which may contain on the application while the application is being installed. Sometimes in order to be able to download this application, you need to pass through some surveys or fill some forms. These kinds of things may bring the harm to the devices. The writer highly hopes that it can be understood by the players so that they can decide whether they can have this triche tool or not. As a conclusion, people should have been very careful in thinking about how beneficial these Boom Beach triche pros and cons.


Legend Of Grimrock Tricks And Tactics For Newbie

Legend Of Grimrock


To help you along your journey in the game, here are a few different Legend Of Grimrock Tricks. Legend of Grimrock is one of the most deeply RPG games for mobile devices from the tremendously challenging puzzles to the in detail party customization and the strategic combat system. If you do not want to bother helping anyone, this game is the want for you.

Legend Of Grimrock Tricks To Building Party

Any character type composition you choose is possible to work, but two ranged characters in back and two melee characters in front is the best Legend Of Grimrock Tricks. Mages is not the only option for ranged characters. A rogue can be good choice if you concentrate it in throwing weapons or archery. A definite discipline of magic with at least two points will make your Mages more effective in combat. It’s truly significant for you to level up them at the beginning since it takes a while doing so. To help to take less damage for your front-line characters, you need to give them shields so the ranged characters in the back should carry the torch.

Legend Of Grimrock Tricks To Traveling Around

To let you restart from scratch or as backup you get confused, it is good Legend Of Grimrock Tricks if you make a new save at the start of any puzzle since the mobile version of the game allow you to save at any point. Sometimes at the bottom of the hole you can find some really useful loot though it may look risky. So always create a new save, plunge to see at the bottom, and reload and leave it if it was deadly. To reveal a shocker trap coming up, you can toss a hidden switch or lever using throwing rocks. It is not a waste throwing your rocks since they are widely available and will always be able to pick up.

Legend Of Grimrock Tricks To Combat

Avoid damage or run away from combat with doors and gates as you can. Attack your enemy with poison, dash through and close a door fast, and let the poison bring damage to the enemy. You will not take damage as the enemy is dying slowly by the poison if you repeat the process. Projectiles aren’t completely common so make sure you pick them up after being used by your ranged characters. Keep them save. But this would not be problem as your characters generally pick them up automatically as they walk them over. This Legend Of Grimrock Tricks will help you to get unlimited projectiles for your ranged characters.

Clash Royale Hack Android in Beneficial Features

clash royale


Clash Royale hack Android is the essential thing that is mostly needed by all the phenomenal game made by Supercell, Clash Royale. This kind of game actually does not only become the future generation after the success of Clash of Clan but it brings different way of describing the war through a series of cards. There are bunches of people who are willing to spend their time exploring the internet to get the trusted hack of the Clash Royale in their Android.

Clash Royale Hack Android and iPhone

If the players want to use this Clash Royale cheat Android, what are actually the features that they can enjoy? Because there are lots of similar strategy games like what Supercell has, the players of Supercell itself still persist to play the game maximally even when they have to deal with the tool cheat. You will be leaped into levels where you will never spend weeks or even months to reach a level higher than you are. This can be done by a single click without worries, money waste, and lots of time.

Clash Royale Hack Android: Anti-banned Protection

Clash Royale hack Android gives the full recoded of the anti-banned protection. It is the most underline part where all players feel curious. They are too afraid sacrificing the current level they have been on by starting on a new level whenever their game accounts are banned officially. It is going to be such a waste.

Then other features of this Clash Royale hack Android are the additional resources like gems and also gold or coins that you can fill the number based on your wishes. Both the Facebook integration and VPS connection can be the other two features of this hack tool for the players. They can gain more friends from your Facebook account and they can get their VPS gets interconnected. People will get more comfortable game and also more entertaining battle as well.

The easiness that is offered by the hacker gives additional funds for the players to spend. When mostly people think about how complicated the installation process will be, this can be the proof that these days everything has been made as simple as possible. Whenever the players find it difficult to have or to operate, they will leave it away and they are going to search another one. If you are fond of this kind of information you can also download the Clash Royale hack Android.

Challenge Yourself with The Elder Scrolls Online!

The Elder Scrolls Online

As the world that is filled with the absolute action freedom, there are hundred reasons why people can fall in love, sink under water, and in the end they cannot escape from what the world offers in this Elder Scrolls. This game seems to be existed for a long time because its predecessor had lasted for 3 years so that it can prove that this game is qualified. Introducing this franchise for the younger generation, Skyrim has successfully attracted fan bases. In fact in this wide world, Elder Scrolls never gives chances for try share the game with other players. The wishes which have not been fulfilled can be reached in this game which is often abbreviated as TESO.

Most Anticipated MMORPG Game

The first time it was introduced, Elder Scrolls or TESO was one of the MMORPG that mostly anticipated by the game players. How could? It is because all of the people who had not achieved their wishes in the predecessor of this version can find their hopes and dream here. This Elder Scrolls also gives more optimal performance and gives the players chances to play together with other players. If you are fond of this game after reading the preview, you need to provide for about 30 gigabytes to have it ready for your PC.

Some reasons why the people are totally impressed with this Elder Scrolls will be described as followed. The strong atmosphere in this game flows very strong from the very beginning. Let say like the chance of creating the performance of the characters freely is one of the strong points of Elder Scrolls. Out of those three factions, 4 classes, and also 9 races, you can make your own distinctive and unique character.

The trademark of Elder Scrolls is the different point of view that changes based on your own comfort. By using the scroll mouse you can set up the highest zoom rate which enables you to look your character from the third party point of view. This will give you the highest level of comfort. In fact, if you look closely at the mechanic feature, the effects of collision have not quite satisfied the players. It seems like the audio and visual sensations are not satisfying. Thus, this Elder Scrolls still makes you the feeling of curious because you will never know what you will bump into, what you will obtain, what characters to find out, and else. Try it by yourself for your self-experience.

Hay Day Astuce for Getting more Diamonds and Gold

For those of you who are already playing Hay Day, this is a list of Hay Day Astuce and tips that will help you to increase production of diamonds and gold. These Hay Day Astuce will help a couple of aspiring farmers in order to play more effectively and have more fun.


Hay Day Astuce more Diamonds and Gold


Getting a lot of diamonds

Diamonds are the most important currency which is valuable in Hay Day. There are a couple of ways that you can do in order to get more diamonds and even you can also get free diamonds.

  • You will get diamonds every time you go up a level once you synchronize your Facebook account with the game. You will also get five diamonds if you are logging in by using Hay Day, watching a trailer for another video game and discovering a movie ticket.
  • You can start mining for diamonds once your reach level 24. You will also get diamonds every a couple of explosions if you open the mine and blast by using TNT.
  • You have to watch for purple tickets which occur near the newspapers that they deliver to the farm. You can claim diamonds by clicking these tickets.
  • You will get a ribbon and diamonds once you complete of each level and you must collect all 78 achievements though the three levels.
  • If you are reaching level 27, you have to go fishing for diamonds. You have to check out the boat which needs to be fixed and you have to fix it. You can get 1 up to 3 diamonds by heading out on the water but it depends on the size of fish that you catch. If you catch bronze fish you will get one diamond. For silver fish, you will get two diamonds. And if you catch the gold one, you will earn three diamonds.

How to collect gold

Sometime, farmers need a little gold by using this Hay Day Astuce, but you have to keep in mind that this trick will only work once. First of all, you have to go to the Road Shop. After you got there you have to purchase a new slot and 5 pieces of wood should be sold. After another farmer purchases the wood you are going to get 500,000 gold. Or, you can also go through newspapers and look for stuffs selling in bunches of bulk. You have to buy stuffs and then sell to get a profit.

2015 Best iOS RPG Games



Role-playing games or people call it RPG, set you to involve yourself in a character and move through the story of that person. iOS RPG games combine your imagination with a couple of stunning graphics punch and exciting stories which span the globe or even the universe. These top choices of iOS RPG games provide you a couple of stories that you can choose, from a cyberpunk world which is completed with magic to a Game of Thrones-like game.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Shadowrun: Dragonfall is one of the best iOS RPG games which combine fantasy world and high tech. This game is a cyberpunk RPG which is completed with cyborg and magic-wielding mega corporations. In this game you will take on the role as shadowrunner who is highly skilled freelance operatives that has specialize in black ops for the many mega corps, government in the world and a couple of other conspiracies.

Banner Saga

Banner Saga features an intense RPG story, fierce tactical battles and gorgeous art. As a player, you will lead a couple of farmers, warriors, townsfolk and mighty Varls as you fight against a couple of people of the monstrous Dredge. And also, you can explore a world which is beautifully illustrated of rolling hills, ruined battlefields and ancient monuments. You can experience all of that while managing your supplies of your caravan and making selections which can change the destiny of your journey.

Knight of pen and paper

For those of you who like to have one of iOS RPG games which are unusual and unique, you have to check out Knights of Pen and Paper which created by Behold Studios. This game is like parody and pixel-retro indie game which allows you to take control of both the game master and player because you will guide them through a campaign which is loaded with geeky meta-humor and self-awareness.

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI is the capstone of 16-bit of Japanese iOS RPG games in many ways. The title of this game combines the active time battle system of Final Fantasy and job customization which is detailed with an epic and intertwined storyline of a world which is still recovering from war. The mobile version of Final Fantasy VI has artwork which has been remastered, touch-screen controls which have been reworked, iCloud saves and extra content from the version of 2006 Game Boy Advance. You have to keep in mind that this game has an online requirement.

SimcityBuildit Hack Android to build your dream City

Good news for all gamers because Simcity Buildit hack Android is already available now in this website. Recently, SimcityBuildit game has been released by EA games which now available for mobile phone users. It means that they develop this game to broader space of gamers all over the world. You need to know that Simcity is very well-known game in the past for console gamers, PC and Playstation. But, they are now coming to mobile devices too. The gameplay itself is never changed too much. You will be familiar with everything that offered by the developer if you are true fans of Simcity.


simcity buildit hack benefits


What is it?

The Simcity Buildit hack Android will give you full access to adjust your game in SimcityBuildit. It means that you are able to hack the number of some resources such as Keys, Simcash and Simoleons in a very easy way. Just download it from your PC and you can try all of the features without any problem. For your information, it needs long time for you play this game in normal way. Without hack, I believe you won’t ever get your dream city in this game. Moreover, the developer follows its rivals to create premium features. This is horrible for free-gamers like us, right?

What are the features?

If you are curious the details of Simcity Buildit Hack Android features, I will explain it one by one. First of all benefits, you can use this hack to add Simcash without limit. In other words, your city will have unlimited cash after all. Secondly, unlimited simeleons are also yours. You will know how difficult to gain this one without cheat or hack. Thirdly, there are also unlimited keys feature. You can access all of locked options in SimcityBuildit. Last but not least, you will have double experience point than normal game. All of these beneficial features are necessary to develop our dream city, right?

How to Download?               

To download this Simcity Buildit hack Android, you can choose one of the following links. Choose whatever you want because I do not want to force you to find the best download link. After waiting for several seconds, the download link will be appeared and your download is ready. Remember to prepare your USB cable because you should connect between your Android and your computer once the download is done. Once the download is complete, open the app and start to adjust your hack amount freely.

Clash of Kings Hack Activation Code

Clash of Kings


The more improvement of Clash of Kings, the more Clash of kings hack activation code which available on the internet nowadays. We know that the activation code is one of plenty hacks to give many advantages for this game players. Unlimited gold, silver and other resources become their needs in order to build their own empires. So we do here to help you all in giving all of premium features via activation code system. There is no better way beside of using code to break the game. Take on your risk if you have the toughest empires ever than entire players.

What is the function of the Activation Codes?

This Clash of Kings hack activation code will help you to access the game resources without paying any cost that offered by the developer of Clash of Kings game. In other words, we are going inside the game engine and edit the amount of particular resources like gold, wood and even coins. If other hack tools require downloading APK and paying the tool, these activation codes are free. Although it sounds like a cheat the game, we think it is air enough to catch up other premium players if you are newbies player. It is important for you to know about the hack features.

Hack Features                                               

Of course, this Clash of Kings hack activation code offers you many features to do. First of all, you will get unlimited gold and coins. Yep, both of them are very important in building our kingdom. Gold is necessary to buy food and woods. Meanwhile, coins will increase our upgrading progress of building. It means that we can boost our kingdom progress easily by choosing the amount with the code. Secondly, you will get unlimited silver. This silver coin has the same function as premium features. If you are lazy to buy the wood resource with your gold, the next feature is to get infinite wood. All of these features are free for players who do not want to pay inside the game (normal way).

Other features

Besides of the main features above, our Clash of Kings hack activation code is also bringing other features which support your devices. You won’t be detectable when using this code on your PC or smartphone because our technician gives anti-ban script in order to avoid the developer to ban the players who use this hack tool. Moreover, the interface of the tool is user-friendly. In other words, you can use it by yourself without hesitating about malware and many more.


Kritika: The White Knights Full Review

It is accessible for this action RPG’s runny, fast-paced battle whether you’re an fuming armored fighter of great she-vixen, no matter which intriguing fighters you choose to play. It is rapidly become second nature with virtual-stick and button controls.


kritika the white knights



You can put 400-hit combos within your reach by accessing to more abilities that can be plotted to onscreen buttons and leveling-up your fighter. To best result, you can choose which targets to attack and when to release power by Holding down the attack button following standard blows together. During which your character spontaneously attacks everything you can get XP in Auto Mode by re-enter level after a level is complete. This is the best way to get more XP as the enemy has lower difficulties.

When you meet the boss at the end of an area, the challenge increases. With a single hit able to reduce half of your health, if you are not focused, you will be destroyed by these massive monsters. Rather than the combo-pursuing gameplay, this is a less thrilling dynamic with no evasion function so the key is knowing when to keep position and when to attack. Because it keeps asking in-app purchase, it is frustrating battling completing a level only to turn out killed by a boss in two hits. Another option is by forced into spending stamina points, dropping all you have gathered and restart the level in order to save your money.

This, fortunately, won’t be limited by the stamina system. You will always find ways to get for materials, gold, experience and items with monster wave, story, and battle game modes that each requiring different kinds of energy to enter Kritika: The White Knights. But, IAPs can be speed up through game so you may need to buy with real money to get overpowered gear during automated multiplayer matches.


Kritika: The White Knights features abundantly of items to collect and craft, charming agitated combat through a lot of settings, heaps of energy systems so you always have something to do.


Kritika: The White Knights would displease fans by its unavailable evasion buttons. You would feel like you only watch the game since almost everything is automated. It can really limit play if you have poor internet connections. So it is strongly recommended you play using Wi-Fi connection.


You can concentrate of the amusing process of chaining hits during battling and play almost as much as you want with free-to-play model in Kritika: The White Knights. This action RPG is typical game full of ferocity and butchery. It has similar gameplay to Dark Avenger, but it is more simple and easy. It is cool and attractive with some Anime style typical Gamevil games style for the graphic and skill effects. There are 3 modes in the game. The Stage Mode lets players to enter endless brawls to train their characters. Players can also fight online with others in PvP mode. Players can fight different monsters under the restricted time in Monster Wave mode.

Clash Of Clans Hack Resources Tips

clash of clans hacked resources


Clash of Clans is the most popular online strategy games on android right now. In this game, the player can build their village and upgrade it to make their village become stronger also they can upgrade their defense such as cannon, wizard tower, archer tower, air defense, hidden tesla, inferno tower and wall to protect their village from intruder and train lot of army to attack other player to steal resources to build stronger defense and army. Even Clash of Clans hack now is available for you. In the general Clash of Clans , you need different resources to upgrade both defense and army. You need gold to upgrade defense and elixir to upgrade army. In this article you will find out how to hack resources in this game. Compare with Clash of Clans hack that allows you to get more satisfaction. Why? By using Clash of Clans hack tools, you will be winner and know the ways to win the level on the game.

Clash of Clans Hack Tutorials ?

First, you need train and choose the right composition army. There are three effective army used to gain lot of gold. They are goblin, barbarian and archer. They are cheap you just need no more than 200 elixir to train and they have fast movement when you deploy them in opponent area, especially goblin. Goblin is the fastest army in clash of clans and they can make double damage if they hit gold storage or elixir storage. Second, you have to defeat the army from your opponent castle, after that put barbarian in the front to made it become shield to your archer and goblin, put the archer in the back of the barbarian to take down your opponent defense especially mortar because mortar can easily take down lot of your army at once. Put the archer to destroy it. After your archer successfully destroy the mortar you can put all your goblins to steal gold from gold mine and gold storage

Third in how to do Clash of Clans hack is beware of opponent traps; there are many kinds of traps in clash of clans, such as bomb, giant bomb, air bomb, seeking air mine, spring trap and hidden tesla. You need to find them first and then destroy them all; it is hard because your opponent must hide them in near of their resources in order to protect their gold and elixir. So put one or two barbarian to become decoy to make your opponent traps appear, after that put some barbarian or archer to destroy opponents traps, if all the traps destroyed your goblin can easily steal and destroy gold and elixir storage. So following clash of clans hack above isn’t difficult, isn’t it!

Well guys that some tips and tricks to gain lot of resources easily which hope this article can help all the clash of clans’ players out there.

This Is Tips How to Play Pet Rescue Saga

Pet rescue saga


Nowadays, there are so many interesting online games can be downloaded from the play store and also google play from your smart phone. With the high developing of technology in this era, many experts create the wonderful online games which will make many people becomes addicted. One of the nice interesting online games is named by Pet Rescue Saga. Have you ever heard about this game? Well, this game is interesting to be played but you need the internet connection in using this game. This is a glance about this game which can be your inspiration.

Do you know how to play it?

When you want to play Pet Rescue Saga, the first thing should you do is downloading it from your play store. Yes, you will get this game in your gadget after downloading it. When you have been got this game, you will see the funny pets design on your game. Well, it is surely wonderful to play this game especially for you who like the pets. There are so many cute pets should be saved such as cat, pig, bird, and so on.

The way in playing Pet Rescue Saga is also easy. You will get the animals on the wall menu of this game. Look how beautiful the display design of this game. You will go step by step so that you can play the gam2 on the next level. Then, you will see the pets on the square. Therefore, you need to crash the square to make your pets be saved. Well, you don’t need to think to make all the squares be crashed. However, you can make the pets which before on the things become saved.

In playing this game, you also need the patient in your heart. When you are in the first level, maybe it is easy to up to the next level. The things should be done is that in playing this game you need to focus to the way in saving the pets as fast as possible. If you are late, your game will be lost and it means that you should to reply your game from the first again. However, you can use the combo to crash the squares. Use the combo when you are very needs it because you need to wait for a while to get the new combo. That’s about Pet Rescue Saga which can be your nice information.